Projektor BenQ GS1

Projektor BenQ GS1
Producent: BenQ
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BenQ GS1 with Camping Mode is a portable, cable free, outdoor leisure projector that works brilliantly at night. Enjoy movies on a 60" Screen at just 1M, weighing less than 1KG it will fit into any space. One touch set up means it's ideal for non technical users. GS1 is the outdoor camping gear you won't leave home without.


Outdoor Camping Gear for Endless Possibilities

The first BenQ projector designed to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor space, giving you endless entertainment possibilities. Try something new and transform your camping experience into one that you’ll never forget. The GS1is packed with all the benefits of an indoor projector. So bring the GS1 along and set up camp wherever you want!


Family Friendly Design

Designed with families in mind, GS1 is cable free so you can put it on a camping table or any other surface to suit your surroundings. You’ll be the envy of other campers, with no cables you can just sit back, relax and enjoy some well-earned downtime. Even if children are running around no one is going to accidentally trip over wires in the dark!

Built in USB Readers for Multimedia Entertainment

With built-in USB readers watching content like movies,music and videos in seconds has never been simpler. GS1 has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports you decide what you want to share with friends and family.


Connect Your Devices with Bluetooth

Designed with Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect your Bluetooth speakers for great audio experience. For quieter moments you can enjoy a movie under the stars with your own Bluetooth headphones and even connect your keyboard and play games in style.

Robust Rubber Case

GS1 has a standard rubber case, perfect for families who need a little more protection.Our designers understand that camping outdoors with your family means everything has to be stronger, tougher and more robust than normal. The family- friendly GS1 is the only outdoor camping gear you need for entertainment. These design features give parents additional peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy time together.

Set Up Your Movie Wherever You Go - Weighs Under 1Kg

Compact but powerful, the GS1 and battery weighs just 1kg and fits into the palm of your hand. Once you’ve found your pitch, this is your chance to amaze friends and family and be the talk of the campsite.


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Cechy produktu

Producent projektora: BenQ
Zastosowanie projektora: uniwersalne
Technologia: DLP
Jasność [ANSI]: 300
Kontrast: 100000:1
Rozdzielczość: 1280x720 (HD 720)
Proporcje obrazu: 16:9
Korekcja trapezu pionowa [w stopniach]: +/- 40
Obiektyw: F=1.5, f=5.53mm
Źródło światła: LED
Zoom optyczny: +/- 40 stopni‎‎
Kompatybilność z komputerem: tak
Kompatybilność video: NTSC / PAL / SECAM
Ilość wyświetlanych kolorów (mln): 1.07 mld
Wyjścia: brak danych
Wejścia : HDMIx 1; USB 3.0 (Type A) x 1; USB 2.0 (Type A) x 1; Audio out (Mini Jack) ; micro SD card x 1; Speaker 2W x 2; IR Receiver x 2; Bluetooth 4.0 ; Wireless 2.4G Single band, 2T2R;
Zasilanie [V/Hz]: AC100 do 240 V, 50 do 60 Hz
Lampa [W]: 45
Żywotność lampy [h]: 20,000/30,000
Wymiary projektora [szer/wys/gł-cm]: 14,6 x 13,9 x 6,5
Waga [kg]: 1
Menu ekranowe: 28 języków
Inne funkcje: brak danych
Akcesoria standardowe: brak danych
Gwarancja na lampę [w miesiącach/godzinach]: 12/2000
Gwarancja na projektor [w miesiącach]: 36
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